Cameron Bellm

Cameron Bellm is a Seattle-based writer and contemplative in action. She combines her love of language with a deeply rooted spirituality to compose poems, prayers, essays, and devotionals linking our modern lives with our ancient faith. She is the author of the Spirit & Verse column at and A Consoling Embrace: Prayers for a Time of Pandemic. You can find more of her writing on Instagram at @cameronbellm and on her website,

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remembering others in wartime

Prayer for a Country Called War

By Cameron Bellm / October 18, 2023

Every time you kiss your children, Remember those who have lost theirs. Every time you take a sip of water, Remember those who have no food, no drink. Every time you call your parents, Remember those who have no way of knowing if their loved ones are alive or dead. Every time you flick on…

mothering God

A Turn of the Kaleidoscope

By Cameron Bellm / March 20, 2023

It was a long-overdue dermatologist appointment. With my pale skin and family history of melanoma, I really need to be checked every year, but it had been more than five since I’d donned an open-backed gown; this was just one of many things that got lost in the shuffle of mothering small children. When I…

how do we teach children who is our neighbor

Who is Our Neighbor?

By Cameron Bellm / October 31, 2022

I was hurrying, for no reason, really, except that that’s what grown-ups do. My four-year-old and I were taking another pandemic-necessitated walk around the block, passing houses, gardens, and cars we’d already seen dozens of times. Maybe hundreds. Judging by my son’s exclamations and endless stops to examine things, though, it may as well have…