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Mothering Spirit is the #1 site for Prayers for Pregnancy and Prayers for Birth! Check out a few other favorites while you’re here:

Viral Posts

Dear Couple In The Pew: I See You – On Infertility and Invisibility
The Problem (And The Promise) Of Mother’s Day
This Is The Story I Have To Tell You – our unexpected NICU miracle

Popular posts on the shadow side of motherhood

InfertilitySeasons of Infertility, Years Later
Miscarriage: On Carrying & Missing
Pregnancy: In Which We Are All – Begrudgingly – Images of God

Popular posts for everyday parenting

For The Mornings We Yell
There Will Be So Many Years
This Is Heavy, But We Are Also Strong

Celebrating liturgical seasons at home

The Gift of Ordinary Time
How to Live Lent As A Busy Mother
The Impossibility of Advent

Celebrating seasons of family life

To The Woman I Was 3 Years Ago Tonight
Spiritual Practices With Newborns: The Series
Mary of the 3rd Trimester

Celebrating Sacraments

To My Son, On The Eve Of His Baptism
A Baptism Anniversary: Celebrating The 3rd Moment of A Sacrament
Start Seeing Sacraments: On Instagram

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