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Or learn more about our family’s stories of infertilitymiscarriage, or the loss of our twin daughters shortly after birth.

(Rest assured – there’s lots of hope and laughter here, too! We’re thick in the chaos of raising three small boys after all.)

If you’re interested in connecting faith & parenting, this is the place for you. I love to write about: 

  • SpiritualityDiscovering surprising grace in daily life with kids
  • SacramentsEncountering God in everyday holy moments
  • ScriptureHow God’s Word speaks to ordinary life, work & relationships
  • Seasons: Living the church’s calendar at home
  • Spiritual Practices: Simple prayers & actions to deepen faith

When I first started searching for God in bleary-eyed new motherhood, I never dreamed this journey would lead to a book about the messy grace of parenting. Or communities of parents connecting faith & family life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

But this writing adventure has changed my life. I hope that my words might touch your heart, too.  

21 thoughts on “New Here?

  1. I am 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing bleeding with minimal pain. I went to the hospital and the baby had no heartbeat. Please pray for me, the last thing I wanna hear is im having a miscarriage. I go to the doctor on Tuesday, PLEASE PRAY ! Thank you

    1. Please pray for Malin 6 1/2 months pregnant and the baby in the womb for good health and safety. Malin had notice that the baby is not kicking and she is not feeling well. The doctors take different kind of test. Please pray that there is no serious illness and nothing bad will happen to both the baby and mom. Please pray keep them safe, strong and healthy. Please let me see my granddaughter to be. Please pray that the baby will born healthy and normal. Please keep Malin and the baby in the womb safe and in good health. I love You Lord! Praise The Lord! Thank You Lord! Amen

  2. I have had four miscarriages. I have one son that is five years old. I am a type one diabetic and am over the age of 35. I am currently 14 weeks. I am battling low blood sugar readings due to my pregnancy. I have blacked out multiple times. My little one is doing great but this pregnancy is taking a toll on me. I pray for God to protect my baby and me every night. I have given all my worry and anxiety over to God! Please pray for my little family! Thank you.

  3. Im a single parent of a 3, 4 yr old and a 19 yr old in college. My life is super busy. A glorious mess many times. 🙂 i would love your prayers as well! Im new here and im excited to continue reading your blogs. Thank you!

  4. Hello I’m new to here. I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins and can’t seem to stop worrying about a miscarriage. Even though I pray for a healthy pregnancy It’s always in the back of my mind. Please help me ease my mind. Thank you

  5. I have just found out I’m six weeks pregnant I have an 11 month old still nursing. My husband is an atheist. Please pray for God’s miracles to work on our lives. Bless and protect our unborn baby blessed father and help sooth my baby girl Emma. Help my husband to be strong enough to love and support us. Take away my doubts and fears about being pregnant again. Our first pregnancy was a complete miracle and a second one unbelievable. God is amazing.

  6. I recently found out I was pregnant the 22 of April. I have a doctor’s appt. this Friday to see how everything is going. I am scared and cry at times because I have a rare blood that could possibly hurt or deform my baby, but there are ways to make my little love healthy and beautiful. I ask for all the prayers. I pray every second asking for nothing but good news this Friday. I know God has heard all of mine, my mother’s, all my family members, and my partner’s prayers, so I ask you all to keep my little miracle and I in your prayers. God is great and I know he’s standing by me through this. Thank you for reading. God bless all who heard me out and those who will!!

    1. God is great. Praying for you. Bless your unborn child who is a miracle. Praise God for his many blessings. I pray your faith be unshaken.

  7. Please pray for me and my miracle, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 10 years and yesterday we found out that I’m 5 weeks pregnant, I have had a miscarriage, but I know that this is all possible because of God. Please lift us up in prayer for a healthy and safe pregnancy. In Jesus name.

  8. I am pregnant with my second miracle baby and I am so afraid of losing my child. I have not yet seen a heart beat only a sac and yolk. I was thought to be six weeks and ultrasound says four weeks. Help me lord to have faith in your great miracles. Give me peace in my mind and body to know you would not give me a life just to take it away. Bless our unborn baby and or family. Bless this pregnancy. In Christs name… Amen

  9. How is it that I have only discovered your amazing blog now? Where have I been all this time? I came across this today on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from your Blessed is She post, and I am so glad I did. I pray God continue to to lead and guide you in His sweet and divine Will.

  10. Please pray for me. I’m 21 weeks and having a healthy baby kick in me. But I suffer anxiety disorder and panic attacks and it’s worse now. I can’t seem to stop worrying and my heart can’t stop beating fast. Sleeping is a problem. I believe so much in God I believe him alone can heal me. I believe in His words and I need Him more than ever. He should please give me peace of mind and protect my child. All I suffer is illness of the mind. Please help me pray for God to have mercy on me.

  11. Please pray for me. I am 5 weeks pregnant and a first time mum. And it’s my first time here. pray for a healthy baby, healthy pregnancy, healthy me and Gods protection. And also for my husband. It’s our first and we need love and support

  12. Hello. I am new here. I am a mother to a beautiful 7 1/2 month old son who unfortunately passed away on June 9, 2016. He was my only baby. My best friend and my partner in crime. He was and still is my whole world. There is not a single day that I don’t think of him or wonder what he’d be doing. Unfortunately, I have been told that it will not be ruled as sids until they get the report of his brain and heart back. I have been grieving so much that I’m scared my marriage will fail. Please, all I can ask for is prayers.

  13. I have 3 growing boys that I am working feverishly to turn into grown responsible men, and extremely thankful I ran across your blog. You have such a beautiful way of writing, a true connection. I read your Blessed Is She post from today about how we are continuing to live the scripture and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for using your gifts so beautifully – I will certainly enjoy reading.

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