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I love hearing from readers! Feel free to drop me a line at Please know that I try to respond to your emails right away, but given this busy season of life, sometimes it takes time. But I treasure your feedback and welcome your questions.

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I speak regularly at national conferences, diocesan events, churches, retreats, and parents’ groups on topics related to parenting and spirituality, vocation and discipleship, faith formation with children, and ministry to grieving parents.

Please contact me for details about presentation topics (for Catholic or ecumenical audiences), fees, and availability.

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6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Please pray with my husband and I, we are trying to conceive and my period is a bit messed up lately making things worse. Gugu RSA

  2. wow all I did was google “how to pray lectio divina for kids” and your blog came up. Thank you for responding to my previous comment! Then I received an email from your blog (I guess I subscribed!) and I had no idea what you are going through with your babies, but I do know that God has wonderful, awesome plans for you and your family! Please know I am keeping you all in my prayers!

  3. You me words are so inspiring. I am currently 5 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second child. I had a miscarriage in February. I would love if you could give me any words of encouragement that things will work out this time.

  4. Hi Laura,
    I just listened your interview and I wanted to tell you how your story remind me about joy and love that my husband and I have experienced in moments when our very sick child was born.
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story of God’s love. We had one miscarriage just couple of months after we married and year after we lost our 3 days old child. We had two more miscarriages afterwards…I want to share that experience in the hardest moments. God was there with us! Love and yes(!) joy that stayed within our hearts in the form of hope and it will last forever! At the moment I am pregnant again, not sure how many weeks, probably 6 or 7. First scan was probably too early, was not encouraging but there is time to wait, pray and hope…♡Please keep us in your prayers.
    Thank you Laura, for uplifting my faith and remanding me what is the real reason why we never gave up on life! Those 3 days we felt like we were in heaven and that changed our hearts and gave us strength and hope for the future. Love for a child is an eternal love! Love that we feel is above all fears and darkness…God works in mysterious ways.♡
    God bless you and your family !

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