A Blessing for When You Find Space to Write

A Blessing For When You Find Space to Write

Bless you for noticing.
Noticing the small space
in your day
to write and create.

This opening that’s
barely noticeable
in your hurried day
is here.

So what do you do?

Bless you for the messy scribbles
on the backs of receipts,
half-used post-its,
and old grocery lists.

Bless you for the voice memo—
the notes you send yourself
when a flash of clarity arrives,
but you aren’t at a desk.

Bless you for continuing to write
while answering questions,
feeding little mouths breakfast,
folding mountains of laundry,
commuting to and from work.

Bless you for the time when
life finally slows you down enough
to write in the most unlikely places:
the unmoving drive-thru line,
the busy grocery pickup,
the car wash.

Bless you for keeping
your notebook near—
for staying open to this process
that isn’t neat, tidy or linear.

Bless you who finds your inspiration
in the moments where you show up
to your life, family, job, yourself.

And may you see your
big, beautiful life as yours—
yours to write.

Copyright © 2024 Lauren Nizol.

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Lauren Nizol dreamed of being a writer when her oldest of three sons was a baby. After her return to teaching a year later, it took some time before she began to write again. Aside from being a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend, Lauren is also a high school teacher and literacy interventionist, and an eighth grade catechist. For Lauren, writing draws her close to God's "still, small voice." She enjoys travelling with her family, surrounding herself with nature, art, and books, and finding joy and laughter in life's ordinary moments.

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