Lentiest of Lents

prayer for a hard, long Lent

Loving God, this trudge toward Easter has been long and the sustenance meager.

I find myself coming to you with empty hands and aching arms,
from the effort of carrying a cross I did not choose.

You know all too well that choosing a sacrifice this year was a luxury.
In the midst of it all, giving something more felt laughable.

The effort of taking up this cross is taking everything I have.

But You are faithful. You are Love. You are Good.

I know that You can see
how even these empty hands and aching arms are a gift, extended to you.

With all that I cannot give, and everything that this season was not,
I ask that you remake these humble offerings,
that they would be lavish and worthy of You,
knowing that they have been gathered and held with the utmost care.

Lord, I know that You see scarcity and create abundance;
You see mourning and turn it to dancing.

Even death has lost its hold for You.

Copyright © 2023 Katie Cassady. 

Katie Cassady is a wife and mom to three girls in Denver, CO. A beekeeper and avid gardener, she believes stewardship, Catholic Social Teaching, and the practice of Sabbath hold untold potential for the Church and the world. She holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Ministry and published Sunday Fun as a tool to help families intentionally integrate the practice of Sabbath. She blogs at Blessed Is She and unexpectedhoney.

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