An Easter Prayer

remember the resurrection

God of new life,
In this season of resurrection,
help us to look for the little miracles.

Shatter our disillusionment when the 
big miracles fail to materialize before us –
Break through with your consolation
when our Lazarus isn’t raised from the dead,
Break through with Your mercy
when our children aren’t healed,
Break through with your tender love
when our marriages aren’t restored,
Break through with your provision
when what we are pleading for in prayer never comes to pass.

Grant us peace in the unknowing,
In the sting of confusion about why the big miracles never came.

In the darkness of pain and despair,
May Your light break in.
Guard our hearts against staring so intensely
at the darkness of the tomb that we
close ourselves off to the glimmer of light
at work in the shadows revealing the hope of the resurrection.
May we witness the small shoots of new life
pushing through the hardened ground.
May we begin to look with wonder at the little things,
and see in them Your glory and loving care.
Even in the darkness.
Even in the confusion.
Even in the chaos of our ordinary lives.
May we know You are here.

Copyright © 2023 Rakhi McCormick

Rakhi McCormick is a first-generation Indian-American and convert from Hinduism who found her way into the Church and a career in ministry through a series of invitations, and more than a few leaps of faith – sometimes kicking and screaming. Having worked in a variety of ministries at the national, diocesan, and local level, Rakhi has discovered that her greatest passion is speaking light into darkness, wherever that might be found, and however the Holy Spirit leads. She has a heart for the underdog, the overlooked, and the broken. A devoted advocate for God’s mercy and justice, Rakhi uses these inspirations to shape her writing, speaking, and artwork. She is the owner of Rakstar Designs and currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with her husband and three children. When not playing wife, mother, or minister, you can find Rakhi singing, reading, scrolling Instagram, and making beautiful things (and messes) with coffee in hand.

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