A Prayer for Mental Health as a Mom

Mother's Prayer for Mental Health


Thank You for being the God who sees.
The God who knows.
The God who cares.

Thank You that You see me, Your beloved daughter, in my frailty.
Thank You that You know everything about me—
including my internal struggles that threaten to strangle the life out of me.
Thank You that You care for me with such compassion,
tending to my wounds and letting me know I am safe in Your arms.

As I mother the children You have entrusted to me,
I feel overwhelmed by my weakness.
I wonder if You can truly work through me
when my mind feels like a jumbled mess of shame and fear and doubt.
Can you really love my children through my weak offerings?

I want to be strong for You, God.
But You take me in my weakness, and You call it good.
You tell me that I go from strength to strength.
You give grace upon grace to empower me to do the impossible.

Father, give me the grace to believe that Your love is enough.
When I am weak.
When I am tired.
When I am overwhelmed.
When I feel defeated.
When I feel discouraged.
When I feel triggered.

Help me remember—
Your love is greater.
Your love is stronger.
Your love is enough.

Lord, I believe.
Help my unbelief.

Copyright © 2023 Jessica Mathisen

Jessica Mathisen lives just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three kids (two through biology and one through adoption). She is a former elementary school teacher and a lover of people. Her passion is to communicate God’s love to others through writing and relationships. Her most favorite things are hanging with her family, eating chips and salsa, and reading good books.

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  1. Cory Zolandz on 13 April 2023 at 6:36 am

    You spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you.

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