A Prayer for a Mother’s Creative Work

prayer for mothers creating

For mother-artists, writers, crafters and creators. Know that your work is holy, both in your art and with your family!

God, I come to you today
With a thousand prayers—
For peace, for quiet,
For inspiration and motivation,
For the chance to meet You
In the sacred space of creation.
In this time You have offered
And I have longed for,
I come to create alongside You.
Let the work of my mind and body
Be pleasing to You.
Let me behold my life with Your eyes:
All the times and places,
Big or small, chaotic or peaceful, apart or surrounded,
Where I am doing Your work.
When I am with my family,
Help me to be present to them,
Their loves and their needs,
Their joys and their sorrows,
Even as I dream of coming here
To create with You.
When I am making and creating,
Help me to be present to my art and my craft,
Its energy and delight,
Its challenges and growth,
Even as I long to be with my family, too.
Open the eyes of my heart to see all of it as creation,
The holy work to which You call me.
Bless this time and space—
Both what I make and how it makes me.
Guide me to use this space and time,
And my gifts within it,
Wisely and with You in mind.
May all I do be done in Your presence,
To the glory of Your name. Amen.

Written by Laura Kelly Fanucci for Wellspring: A Mother-Artist Project

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  1. jenni ho-huan on 20 April 2023 at 12:12 am

    Gosh I have a prayer hushed by the urgency of emails and the fuzziness of a low grade bug attack. Thank you for helping me pray!

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