Breath Prayers for Parents in Lent

parent lent breath prayers

For fasting

Inhale: Help me let go.
Exhale: Let me find You.

Inhale: When I feel like I lack
Exhale: Let me know You are near.

For alms-giving

Inhale: Help me give what I can.
Exhale: Show Your face to my heart.

Inhale: Whatever we have
Exhale: Is given to share.

For deeper prayer

Inhale: Turn my heart toward You.
Exhale: Let me come when You call.

Inhale: In the midst of my days
Exhale: I will praise Your name.

For cranky Lenten moments

Inhale: It is good to be here.
Exhale: It is good to seek You.

Inhale: Lent is 40 days long
Exhale: But each day is for You.

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