A Prayer for Temper Tantrums

three prayers for tantrums

Frustrated with your three year-old? Fed up with your teenager? Certain stages of parenting are just plain hard. Here are three prayers for when your child (or you) is throwing an epic fit. And remember: Help me is a whole prayer, too.

A short version:

God, I am going to lose it. Help me not lose it.
(Repeat as often as necessary.)

A breath prayer:

Inhale: Breathe in Your peace.
Exhale: Breathe out Your love.

A long version:

God of goodness,
I am at my wit’s end.
I want to scream just as much as my child.
This stage is wonderful and frustrating all at once—
New independence, huge growth,
But conflicts and challenges all the time.
I’m exhausted from what it takes to parent right now.
I just want a break—or an end to the drama.

God of infinite patience,
Help me to keep my cool.
To take a deep breath
And two whole minutes
To calm down and remember
I always have a choice
In how I respond.

God of mercy,
Give me words of love
And a gentle touch.
Remind me once again
I don’t have to yell, even when I’m tempted.
And if I yell, I don’t have to keep yelling.
And if I lose my temper, I can offer forgiveness.

We are both growing every day, my child and I.
Guide our growth,
Soften our hearts,
And strengthen our souls
To become the people you have called us to be:
A family that choose love
Even on the hardest days.


(But seriously, God, help this end soon.)

Copyright © 2023 Laura Kelly Fanucci.

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