Prayers for the Hard Days of Parenting

hard days of parenting prayers

Angry? Frustrated? Stressed out?

We’ve been there. We’ve prayed through it, too. Here are a few words for when you feel like you’re going to lose it as a parent.

1. Breath prayers

Inhale: Breathe in peace (love, hope, joy).
Exhale: Breathe out fear (anger, grief, stress).

Inhale: You are with me, God.
Exhale: I am not alone.

Inhale: This, too, shall pass.
Exhale: But You remain.

2. The Jesus Prayer

Try this ancient prayer for meditation, to be repeated over and over for contemplative prayer, even in the midst of chaos.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

3. Prayers from other parents

You’re not alone. Here’s solidarity from mothers who understand how hard it can be—and how turning to God can help, even in the hardest moments.

For Days When We Get It All Wrong by Kimberly Iglesia

For The Mornings We Yell by Laura Kelly Fanucci

For Pandemic Parents by Meta Herrick Carlson

A Prayer for the Overwhelmed by Kayla Craig

A Prayer for the Sleep-Deprived by Laura Kelly Fanucci

Shadowlands by Rakhi McCormick

Lord, Help Me Choose Love by Kimberly Iglesia

A Prayer for When Your Child Is Suffering by Laura Kelly Fanucci

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