A Prayer Before a Child’s Hospitalization

prayer for a child in the hospital

Help me remember, O Lord,
That nothing surprises You
And no need is too great
For Your mighty hand.

O Lord, I ache to fix things,
To heal my child,
To protect them from suffering.
And though I wish I were in control,
I’m fighting to trust that You alone are God.

As they prepare to don a gown
And be whisked away from my hands,
Go where I cannot, O God.
Fill the doctors and nurses
With compassion, confidence, and care
As they help my child toward healing.

Spirit, hover over every poke and prick,
Every doctor’s decision,
And every piece of medical equipment.
Thank You for the gift of modern medicine
And every skilled professional.
Steady the hands
That hold my child.
O God, as I pray for my child,
I pray, too, for the mothers and fathers
Who ache for their children to receive this level of care
But are unable to because of where they live.

Help my child to be courageous
In the face of the unknown.
Help me to be a soothing presence
As we say goodbye
And as I trust You to bring us back together soon.

Spirit, be with [child’s name].
Be near, O Lord.
Heal their body and spirit,
And be with me
As I sit on a plastic waiting room chair,
Watching the clock
As I wait with bated breath.

I pray for healing to come.
Help me trust those caring for my child.
Help me remember their oath
To do no harm.
Help me remember
You have given us every reason to trust You,
O Lord.

You are good, O Lord.
You love [child’s name]
More than I do—a truth almost unfathomable.
I cling to Your truth like a life preserver,
Holding me afloat on a sea of unknown.
Give me peace
As I turn every anxiety over to You.

Copyright © 2021 Kayla Craig.

“A Prayer Before a Child’s Hospitalization” by Kayla Craig from To Light Their Way: A Collection of Prayers & Liturgies for Parents.

Kayla Craig believes in the power of story. She writes nuanced and nurturing prayers for parents raising kids in turbulent times at Liturgies for Parents and is an experienced podcast producer. She co-founded and hosts Upside Down Podcast, a place for ecumenical conversations on faith and justice. Her most recent published essays are in This Is Motherhood: A Motherly Collection of Reflections + Practices (2019) and Rally: Litanies for Lovers of Jesus and Justice (2020). Kayla and her husband Jonny live in Iowa, where they raise four young kids. She’s stubborn in hope and has a penchant for deep mugs of coffee, deeper laughs, and even deeper questions.

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