Want to Pray through Birth?

how to pray through birth

At Mothering Spirit, we believe mothers need more resources for pregnancy and birth, both the beautiful and painful parts of bringing new life into the world. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. When you’re preparing for birth

Get a copy of our e-books: Prayers for Pregnancy & Prayers for Birth. The collections feature prayers for pregnancy and birth to guide you through preparation, labor, and postpartum; Scripture passages on birth for prayer and reflection; creative ways to prepare spiritually for birth, and a special set of printable verses for labor!

Read essays & birth stories from our writers:

2. After you’ve given birth

Listen to the birth story episodes from Amongst the Pots and Pans podcast from Mothering Spirit writer Kimberly Iglesia.

Reflect on God’s presence with you during labor:

Prayers for Childbirth: God as Midwife

Prayers for Childbirth: Christ as Companion

Prayers for Childbirth: Spirit as Intercessor and Groaner

3. When suffering happens

If you or someone you love has lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss, check out the book Grieving Together: A Couple’s Journey through Miscarriage from Laura & Franco Fanucci.

Read or share prayers from Mothering Spirit:

A Prayer for Infertility

A Prayer after Miscarriage

A Prayer for Trying to Conceive

A Prayer for Birth and Racial Trauma

Know of good resources for praying through birth? Share your favorites below!

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