There Is Space For Your Story

Space in Your Story

There is space for your story.

All the good,
and all the gold.

All the hard,
and all the hurt.

All the broken,
and all the beautiful.

There is room for the wreckage,
room for the wounds and for figuring out:

What went wrong,
and who, and how,
and what now?

There is space for your questions,
and space for your curiosity.

Space for your breaking,
and space for becoming.

And you will know that a space
is safe by the way it welcomes the 

words and witness
of your world.

There is space for your story,
hearts whole and worthy to hold you,

once again.

Copyright © 2022 Rachel Marie Kang.

Rachel Marie Kang is a New York native, born and raised just outside New York City. She is a graduate of Nyack College (New York) with a degree in English with Creative Writing and Bible. She is founder of The Fallow House and author of Let There Be Art: The Pleasure and Purpose of Unleashing the Creativity within You. Rachel’s writing has been featured in Christianity Today, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and (in)courage. She lives and writes in North Carolina with her husband and two children. Connect with her at and on Instagram at @rachelmariekang.

Photo by Wayne Lee-Sing on Unsplash.

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