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Recently I shared on Instagram that we could use your help with Mothering Spirit. Deep thanks to those who have reached out with offers of help and support. You inspired me to make a list of what would help us most: from the spiritual to the practical.

Pray for us

What we need more than anything else are your prayers.

If you could pray for our writers, our readers, and our leadership—that we would be drawn closer to God and neighbor through our work and find support for the callings God has given us—we would be grateful. Creative work is challenging, especially when it’s entrepreneurial. We welcome your prayers that whatever God dreams for Mothering Spirit can be born into the world through our labor.

Spread the word on social media

Share our posts on Instagram or Facebook. Tag a friend in a post or prayer Reel to share our work with them. Whatever you can do to help us grow our audience is a huge help!

Specific request: if you love Pinterest or TikTok and would love to volunteer a few hours a month to help us grow these audiences, please contact

Become a patron

If you enjoy what you’re reading on Mothering Spirit, we invite you to become a monthly patron of our writers—starting at only $2/month. Join us on Patreon for sneak previews of what we’re creating and share your ideas for Mothering Spirit. Patrons can also get discounts on e-books and virtual retreats.

Our patrons make it possible for us to pay just wages to our writers, so thank you to all who are helping to make this dream a reality.

Specific request: we’d love to be able to hire someone to format our weekly WordPress and Substack posts—but we need to reach 200 patrons to make this happen. Any pledge you can give moves us closer to this goal.

Connect with sponsors

We’re growing our network of sponsors, so if you know of an organization or business whose mission or resources would be a good fit for our vision of helping parents pray through parenting, please let us know.

Supporting our sponsors is also a great way to thank them for helping to make Mothering Spirit possible. Check out our sponsor page to learn more about their work.

Share resources

Each Friday we share a round-up of resources to help you keep reflecting on the week’s essay and prayer (check out examples here & here). We’d love to know what resources you’d suggest for us to share.

Read a good book, article, or essay on parenting? Listened to a great podcast, found a new way to pray, or watched something beautiful online? (Maybe you created something yourself!) Share it with us and we’ll see if it could be a good fit for a future post.

We’d also love if you’d share our current resources with friends or family, in the hopes of being able to create more offerings to pray through parenting:

The Extraordinary Ordinary Time: a new guide through Ordinary Time featuring essays, prayers, poems, and creative ideas to pray through the longest liturgical season (much like parenting!)

Prayers for Pregnancy and Prayers for Birth: perfect companions for birth preparation and praying through labor, including prayers for each month of pregnancy and Scripture verses for birth.

Prayers for Parenting: a short e-book with prayers to use with your family each day, available for free to subscribers of the Mothering Spirit Newsletter.

Specific request: we have a translator who’s ready to translate Prayers for Pregnancy and Birth into Spanish—which would be an amazing offering for our Spanish-speaking readers. But the cost ($800) is beyond our budget right now. If you’d like to donate toward this translation effort, please contact

Subscribe to newsletter

Each Saturday we send you a free round-up of the week’s posts, perfect for your weekend reading. Subscribe here so you don’t miss an essay or prayer—plus the chance to read reflections from our readers, too! Forward to a friend and help our readership to grow.

Thank you

Making Mothering Spirit a collaborative venture means doing things differently. We’re grateful to you—your prayers, your support, your reading and sharing—because you’re an essential part of this collaboration. Thank you for being here and supporting this work.

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash.

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