how to Holy Week: a guide for where you are

At the request of readers, I’m rounding up my favorite posts on Holy Week and Triduum. For wherever you are and wherever God may meet you this week…blessings on all of it, the mess and the joy.

If you’re expecting: Labor’s Stages: A Triduum.

If you have a new baby: Baby’s First Holy Week.

If you’re a new parent, missing Triduum services for the first time: Wholly Weak (Or A Sick Mother’s Reflections on Expectations).

If you have little ones and can’t make it to church: A Holy Week at Home.

If you’re busy preparing: The Forgotten Days of Holy Week.

If you’re burnt out: The Footwashing.

If the weather (or world) doesn’t look the way you hoped: Holy Snow.

If you’re gearing up to wrangle kids for many hours in the pews: Gospel, Interrupted.

If you have a child with special needs: Where I Saw Christ, Back Row, Pink Coat.

If you or your kids are sick and you’re stuck at home: What An Upside-Down Holy Week Taught Me About Jesus.

If you’re grieving: Was It A Holy Week?

If you’re suffering: The Hardest & Holiest of Weeks.

If someone has hurt you deeply this year: Courage From The Tomb.

If you’ve just received good news: Joy, Meet Relief.

If you need creative ways to celebrate Triduum: Last-Minute Ideas for Holy Week.

If you need inspiration for kids’ Easter baskets OR living out Holy Week at home: 10 Easy Ideas for Holy Week.

And if you can’t wait to celebrate Easter, grab your copy of Risen: 50 Ways to Live Easter!

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