she who believed: the 2018 Lent Journal

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Three years ago, I said yes. (A small yes. More like a “sure, why not?”)

I never expected it would change my life.

When a friend asked if I’d be willing to check out another blogger’s new idea – to create an online ministry devoted to Scripture for Catholic women – I said sure. I could help out. Write a short something once a month. Nothing to lose, right?

Little did I know what I was saying yes to that day. What Jenna Guizar dreamed up in 2014 became so much bigger than any of us expected.

Blessed is She now reaches tens of thousands of women every day through our daily devotionals, social media, and Scripture resources. The ministry offers regional retreats, virtual workshops, and online groups for prayer and support. It’s given me a tribe of friends, a renewed love for Scripture, and a deep awe for the Spirit at work in the world.

What started as a simple yes has become so much more than I dreamed at the beginning. (This, I have found, is often the mark of a calling.)

Over the past year I had the chance to write the Advent and Lent devotional journals for Blessed is She. This was humbling work, to hold in mind how many women would hold these books in their hands.

Over and over I prayed to God to clear me out, to let my words become a channel. (This, I am discovering, may be the prayer of my calling.)

And when I got out of my own way, when I let my initial vision go and took up the surprising alternative that emerged, when I got to collaborate with editors and artists who saw things I couldn’t, when I watched something bigger than all of us be birthed from our efforts – I learned again that when the soul leaps to say yes, it’s the Spirit at work.

The 2018 Blessed is She Lent Journal is now available. She Who Believed. 

The book dives into the stories of women in Scripture to learn what they teach us about prayer.

In each week of Lent, the book explores four women’s stories: two from the Old Testament and two from the New. A mix of well-known favorites and lesser-known figures to spark our imaginations.

The journal also looks at four common types of prayer—adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and petition—and how real women wrestled with God about their struggles, their joys, and the deepest longings of their heart.

My hope is that this Lent can be a season of entering into renewed relationship with God. Learning from the wisdom of those who have walked this way before us.

More than anything, I wanted this journal to be realistic.

Rather than setting you up for stress or making you feel like you’ve “failed at Lent,” the journal has two built-in pauses each week to let you catch up on days you’ve missed or simply settle back into moments of peaceful prayer.

I also designed each day to be easy and inviting: a Scripture passage, short reflection, question to ponder, and a prayer. 

I wanted each time someone sat down with the journal to feel like a gift, not an obligation. To enter into Lent’s practices – prayer, fasting, and almsgiving – not as harsh impositions, but as holy invitations.

As I wrote, I grew in gratitude and awe for these women whose stories came to life on the page. The strength of their faith. The power of their trust. The suffering they endured and the deepening of their relationship with God over time.

Whenever I finished writing about one woman, I was convinced she was my new favorite. (Then I turned to the next day and changed my mind all over again.)

This is the beauty of “she who believed” – that each believer reveals something of the God who created and called her.

I hope you’ll join us this Lent. Whether you’re Catholic or not, whether you’re a college student or newly retired, women of all seasons and walks of life are part of Blessed is She.

You can grab your copy here and learn more. (We always sell out, so get yours fast!)

Drop me a line if you’ll be praying with us. I can’t wait to hear what gifts this Lent has waiting for you.

7 thoughts on “she who believed: the 2018 Lent Journal

  1. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. The journals really help me look forward to the seasons of Advent and Lent and to settle in them prayerfully. Thank you for your contributions for BIS. God is working beautifully through this ministry and I have been one of the thousands to have benefited. Looking forward to WILD in St. Paul this summer!

  2. Just ordered mine! I am so grateful for the work and ministry of Blessed Is She. Thank you for all of the time and energy you pour into these journals!

  3. Hooray! Just ordered mine. I love when God gives me a theme that runs through many things (because I’m generally too thick-headed to pick up on it from just one place), and right now it is prayer. Looking forward to praying through Lent with you!

  4. I got mine today! Just reading the intro was beautiful. I have no idea how I can possibly wait over 3 weeks to start reading!

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