help us celebrate maggie & abby!

Oh my heart.

You brought us so much joy with your love, prayers, and support at our family’s big news! Thanks to all of you who sent well wishes our way. I know you will continue to carry us through whatever comes next.

Especially during Maggie and Abby’s birthday month, sharing the news been a powerful convergence of good and grief, hope and hardness.

I hadn’t anticipated how difficult it would be to be pregnant during this month of memories, every morning a flashback to how I felt at this time last year. I greet the same dark February dawn after restless sleep, pull on the same maternity clothes, work to keep the same waves of nausea at bay.

But our house and my heart are full of reminders that those babies died. That this is another chapter in the story.

Which is hopeful and heart-breaking all at once.

We anticipated February to be a tender time in our grieving. So we wanted to do something positive as we awaited the girls’ first birthday and tried to make sense of what the past year of our lives has become.

Last year you helped us make an amazing difference in the lives and work of our friends at St. Bryce Missions. (Thanks to your generosity, there’s a new SUV bumping through the hills and jungles of Costa Rica!)

When we saw the lasting impact that our daughters’ story had on so many lives, we wanted to keep going.

This year we wanted to celebrate their first birthday by supporting an amazing organization close to home that has a global reach. Feed My Starving Children sends volunteer-packed, nutrition-fortified meals to hungry children across the world.

Our parish has supported their work for years, and recently a team from our church brought food packets to our sister church in Bouzy, Haiti where parishioners were in desperate need to feed their children after the latest devastating hurricane. Throughout the Twin Cities, Feed My Starving Children is a popular place for families to volunteer together since they welcome children to help pack meals and the impact of individuals’ service is immense.

Anyone who’s cared for a one year-old (let alone two!) knows that the days revolve around feeding: nursing, bottles, snacks, meals. So what better way to celebrate our twins’ 1st birthday than to help feed hungry children in their honor?

If you’d like to join us, click here. Any donation will make a huge impact, no matter how small. The proverbial $5 from your cup of coffee can stretch to change a hungry child’s day.

(Plus, as an added bonus, you can watch a Kleenex-worthy video about Abby and Maggie’s story. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Thank you for helping us to keep spreading good in memory of our girls. We know their story still isn’t finished yet, and you are a part of that truth.

Original artwork courtesy of our 7- and 5-year olds (and Faith’s Lodge)

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