a 2017 reader survey: what do you think?

Hi loyal subscribers: due to technical difficulties, this post did not go out to all of you this morning as planned. Crossing fingers and trying again! Thanks for your patience.

You might have noticed I’ve been quiet around these parts lately.

Partly because I’ve been hard at work on other writing projects. I just sent off a manuscript to Liturgical Press for another short volume in Little Rock Scripture Study’s “Alive in The Word” series. This time I got to write about dashed hopes: when our best-laid plans fall apart.

(Go figure; I had a few thoughts on the subject.)

And at work I’ve been plugging away on the final details for a book that Wipf & Stock will be publishing this fall: To Bless Our Callings: Prayers, Poems, and Hymns to Celebrate Vocation. It’s an ecumenical collection of resources to celebrate vocation across the lifespan, in different kinds of work, and throughout the church year. (I’ve been writing and collecting these prayers for years, and I cannot wait to birth this baby into the world!)

But I’ve also been quiet in this space because I haven’t been sure where I wanted to take the blog in the new year.

Last year was so intense: grief, suffering, death, loss. I wrote my heart out here, and it helped me and others more than I ever expected.

But now I find myself wanting a fresh start. 

I love January for this: a clean slate, an unmarked page, a new year of possibility. So this month I’ve been quiet behind the scenes, reflecting on what this year might hold for the blog.

Here’s where you come in.

I’d love to know what you like about Mothering Spirit: why you come here, what you love to read, what more you’d like to see. I’ve been mulling over a few new ideas, and I’d like to get your feedback on where to put my energy this year.

So here’s the link to a quick survey (1-2 minutes, I promise!) where you can share your feedback and help me shape a vision for 2017:

Reader Survey – Mothering Spirit

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say! And a big thank you in advance for your feedback.

Here’s to a fresh 2017.

One thought on “a 2017 reader survey: what do you think?

  1. Dear Laura,

    I looked at the survey, and decided to share my thoughts here, as they are wordy and round.

    I found you after our church read out Psalm to the Midwife. I was (am) thrilled by those words. Beautiful. Then I read your baby-grief here. Beautiful.

    And so I’ve stayed.

    I’m one of those “spiritual but not religious” people, so I love the poetry, practices, words, and heart of your direct experience. At the same time, I admit that after so many years of exposure to religiousity, I’m genuinely repelled by references to ritual, objects, traditional beliefs, scripture, external authority, etc.

    I totally respect, though, that these are a fit for many, many people!

    So, I’m not sure what to offer in terms of input… I love hearing your real life experience, and everything that gets you through it (including your personal religious practices). I love hearing your writing and publishing journey, because I am in a similar one. I love hearing your poetry and prayers, because they are stunning.

    I hope you find the path that feels right to you. If you start a new blog—for the sake of a fresh start—I will follow you over there 🙂


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