the simplest way to celebrate Advent. I PROMISE.

Look. I have three small kids. I am pregnant with twins. I could sleep 24 hours a day, I’m so exhausted with morning sickness.

I have no time to stress about the holidays this year.

In some ways, this is so freeing! I have no room to work myself into a tizzy trying to make the perfect Advent and Christmas for myself or my family. All I can do is take care of myself, make sure my kids are taken care of, and trust that anything beyond the basics will be pure grace.

Truthfully, if I lived more of my life this way, it would be transformative.

Normally I start to get all excited (and overzealous) about Advent this time of year. It’s my favorite liturgical season, a time literally pregnant with the Incarnation of the living God.

But this year? I have to slow waaaaaaay down.

Which is why it’s perfect that my dear friends Nell and Nancy (and I) already created the perfect Advent solution for moms like me.

Today we’re delighted to launch a special 24-hour bundle of our “Waiting in the Word” Scripture Study for Advent!

When you buy today, you’ll receive:

  • our daily journey through lectio divina for Advent (short and sweet enough for any busy mom to actually DO during December) complete with written reflections from our lives and a short Scripture verse for each day
  • a companion journal for your own reflections
  • a beautiful bookmark to walk you through the steps of lectio divina 
  • and today only, you’ll also get Nancy’s beautiful set of Jesse Tree ornaments for your kiddos to color!
  • (bonus: if you want to lead a small group of friends or church members through Advent, check out our Leader’s Bundle with a Leader’s Guide and discount code for your group to buy their own copies!)
  • plus our Facebook community for Waiting in the Word to support each other through Advent and weekly Facebook parties that we’ll be announcing in our newsletter

I love Nancy’s creative artwork, and I know my kids are going to get a huge kick of decorating the Jesse Tree with their own creations this year. All of this for only $8 today. Which is exactly two Starbucks splurges. So worth it.

(Coincidentally, the amount of time it should take them to color each day’s ornament will give me enough time to sit down with the day’s Scripture verse, too. Perfect!)

I feel like all the Advent weight has been taken off my shoulders this year: I’ve got something for me, something for the kids, and it’s all super simple. Translation: not destined to fail like my past Advents of lofty spiritual expectations.

It’s exactly what I need right now. And I can’t wait to journey through it with you.

Nancy, Nell, and I wrote the Advent study around common challenges that we face as moms and concrete ways we try to let God in to transform our struggles. I’m going to turn these weekly themes into the focus of my blogging for Advent, too – because they raise so many good, hard questions for me about what it means to grow in faith with little ones underfoot.

So if you want to follow along here, grab your copy of the bundle today so that you can journey through the reflections during each week.

Trust me. We’ve got the simplest way to celebrate Advent when you’ve got no time. (Or in my case, no energy.)

All the promise and possibility of this holy season are waiting for each of us, right around the corner…

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