what makes me impatient

  1. Slow-moving preschoolers.
  2. Potty-training.
  3. Packing.
  4. Lost keys.
  5. Ice-covered roads.
  6. Morning rush hour.
  7. Airport security lines.
  8. Broken elevators.
  9. Snail’s-pace wi-fi.
  10. Winter.

My morning was full of every single one. Yours?

About the time I found myself banging on the CLOSE DOORS button, ready to holler at the non-functioning hotel elevator, I decided the day must be trying to teach me something.

I also remembered that my latest post at The Power of Moms is running today. On patience.

(Insert ironic face-palm here.)

If impatience is your daily dose of aggravation like it is mine, this might sound familiar:

When my kids’ whining is grating on my last nerve, the pasta pot is about to bubble over, the phone is ringing off the hook and the dog is dancing in circles underfoot begging to go outside, I do not want to suffer in the moment one second longer. I want to scream and stomp my feet and make it stop.

But what would happen if I were willing to rest in the discomfort for a minute? What if I were to acknowledge the aggravating annoyances and live in the suffering of imperfection? What if I could try giving into a willingness to suffer?

I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I gave it a whirl.

Click on over to The Power of Moms to read more…

What makes you impatient? How do you cope?

(And does anyone else keep punching that stupid elevator button [>|<] even though it doesn’t really work?)

3 thoughts on “what makes me impatient

  1. Oooo! Good.

    I get impatient with other people’s imperfections and blindness, with authors who are overly zealous with formatting in Word, with snow in March, with single-digit temperatures in March (see forecast for Monday), with myself for not being ridiculously productive.

    I cope by slowing down, backing off, taking a deep breath, making a pot of tea. I cope by trying to remember to be kind to others. I cope by having people who put me in my place when I get too demanding.

    1. Lauren, I had to return to your comment again this morning. I am so impatient with this cold and neverending winter! Taking your same advice and slowing down, breathing deep, enjoying a cup of hot tea. Remembering that resurrection does not fail, and neither does spring. (Supposedly.)

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