grasping at grace

Some days grace seizes us. Unexpectedly, breathtakingly. The shimmer of diamond sparkles on an autumn pond; the recognition of a kindred spirit in an unfolding friendship.

Other days we seize at grace. In my experience, this requires more effort, more patience, more release. The babysitter is sick; the toddler won’t nap. The house is a mess; there’s piles of work to be done. Grace is surely to be found here, but the discovery takes time and persistence.

I relish the moments when grace seizes me. I struggle with the days when I have to search for the glimpses.

In between this morning’s laundry and email and dishes and soothing the sleepless wonder, I have been trying to pray. Quite unsuccessfully, I might add.

Until I remembered this.

“Bidden or not bidden, God is present.”

Carl Jung had this phrase engraved over his front door. A translation of the Latin he came across while reading Erasmus. “Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit.”

A professor of mine from graduate school loved this saying. He used it to remind us that God is everywhere and always.

Some mornings I need this reminder, that whether I bid God come or whether my frustrations cloud my vision, God is present. Everywhere and always.

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