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Yesterday I wrote about our collective (and my personal) tendency towards Internet addiction. It seems we can’t survive without it these days, and many of us struggle to keep healthy boundaries around our use of technology – so that it remains life-giving and not a source of negativity.

Today I’m happy to share with you a site that does precisely that. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’d like to share a glimpse into the best of what I find online that deals with the themes I love to engage in my writing (and live on a daily basis) – theology and mothering. Which, in my view of the world, embraces everything from church to ecology to family life to literature and many interesting subjects in-between.

Building Cathedrals is a blog written by a group of friends who describe themselves as follows:

We are seven, young Catholic mothers who graduated from Princeton University, seeking to build our families just as the architects of the great cathedrals built their detailed masterpieces: day by day, stone by stone, with attention to details that only He will see.

In the midst of raising their growing families, these women take time to reflect on everything from Catholic teachings to toddler discipline. Their writing is thoughtful, honest, inspirational and humorous at times. These women are dedicated to raising their children as Catholics; check out this hilarious posting as a great example.

I have taken many practical tips from the “Builders,” as they refer to themselves: this one helps me to think about cleaning the gunk off the highchair/car seat as a spiritual discipline (ha!); this one gave me a great alternative to that very earth-unfriendly plastic grass for Easter baskets; and this one (plus the friend who introduced me to Building Cathedrals in the first place!) inspired me to make a Jesus Tree for our family for Lent. (Someday. When I learn how to sew.)

But above all I love to see their shared effort in keeping their group blog going through the years and miles that separate them. It stands as a testament to the strength of college friendships and how they evolve through marriages, children, grad school, work, etc. The conversation of true friends only deepens over time, and Building Cathedrals is a wonderful example.

So check out their site – I hope you enjoy it. And take time to consider the cathedrals that you are building in your own life: the creations that demand years of hard work, the efforts that may not always be easily visible or rewardable, the life projects that will reach their fruition only in God’s time…

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