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A few years ago, I fell in love with summer. Completely, unconditionally, head-over-heels in love. I realized I adored warmth, I craved sunshine on my skin, I longed for long days of light and nights lived outdoors. Why was I fooling myself for so long that fall was my favorite season, or that I loved the buds of spring? I am a summer lover, practically a heathen for melting ice cream and sorching sand between my toes. (Living in the Midwest can make this love affair challenging, given the 6+ months of winter in the calendar, but that’s a story for another day.)

So I love summer. So what?

Well. I have an asterisk to add to my summer loving. A small piece of my heart is reserved for early September. (I can already hear my spouse declaring, “HAH! I KNEW IT! YOU REALLY LOVE FALL.”) But this is not a seasonal love – it has nothing to do with crisp mornings or the first changing leaves. Fall starts out beautiful and full, and then it breaks your heart with barren trees and ice-cold wind. (To say nothing of November rain; Guns and Roses already said it all.) My small love for fall has only to do with back-to-school.

You see, I am and will forever be a complete dork when it comes to going back to school. I used to savor the smell of fresh school supplies, delighted in the crisp crack of a new book’s spine. My heart leaps at back-to-school sales, even when I no longer need shoes for gym class. I love the excitement of new classes, new teachers, a whole year of learning ahead. I think this love of school is partly to blame for my return to graduate school – maybe I just wanted new notebooks, not a master’s degree. But either way, I get excited just watching the school bus barrel down our street in September. School is BACK!

(And here I can hear my brothers’ eyes rolling. “You are just a LOSER, L.”)

Yes, and I embrace the dorkdom.

So in honor of my love for this small sliver of fall, I am embarking on a new venture. Part penitential discipline, part creative endeavor. The writing bug has bitten again and left a gnawing inside. Reminded me of a part of myself that I am neglecting. Which isn’t healthy, spiritually or otherwise.

So I am resolving – and I need you, dear reader, to help me stick to it – to write for 20 minutes every day (<– the Creative Endeavor). No great American novel is getting written here; I just want to make myself write, and I have to start small to make it feasible. Blogging gives me the structure I need to make it happen, so here I shall write.

In order to carve those 20 minutes out of the working mother’s typically too-busy schedule, I am going to Give Up (<– the Penitential Discipline) reading the blogs that I normally like to peruse in my idle internet-ing. (And I confess, there are more than a few.) I know this sounds counter-intuitive in one sense: give up reading others’ blogs so you can write your own, thereby attracting other readers into the time-suck of reading your own musings? But, dear reader, I don’t care if it’s illogical. I’m going for it, and I would love for you to stick around and hold me to my resolution.

20 minutes is up. If only I had that “new notebook” smell around to celebrate…

See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “back to school

  1. Hahaha! Well the entry itself, I really liked and it cracked me up. However, I cannot let either your dorky excitement for school to start or your complete selling out on Fall being the greatest season in the world, go unnoticed.

  2. Ha. I can still remember how excited I would get for school to start. A few days before my dad would hand out our school supplies for the year. Needless to say, we never got the cool trapper keepers or anything, but it was still the best. We used to beg for him to do it earlier!! Can you believe the same roommate you had at ND… who didn’t buy books until the end of the semester–and only if I finally deemed them absolutely necessary, could get that excited for school??

  3. Glad you’ve started up again! You’re on my purusing list as I formulate ideas for newsletter topics and blog themes. Plus, S is pretty darn cute and I don’t mind getting updates on him either!
    Glad you’re doing well!

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